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Another feature of the company life was our participation in the London Displays at the Royal Albert Hall. In 1981 we achieved the double by winning the Daily Telegraph shield and the Devonshire Cup in the space of twenty minutes on the same evening in front of the Duke of Kent. 
Suddenly, in 1985, our world was shaken – rain poured through our roof and repairs would cost thousands. An appeal was launched. God heard our prayers when out of the blue, a developer appeared on the scene. He wanted to knock down our hall as part of a complex for a new supermarket (ASDA), and would build us a new one!! Headquarters number five (known as THE BB CENTRE) had arrived and was opened, very appropriately, on October 31st 1987 by the then Brigade President, the late Lord Thurso. God touched the company in many ways during that period, but that’s another story.

We have appeared on TV on a number of occasions, Breakfast Time, The Big Breakfast, Motormouth and Songs of Praise as well as the Brigade Council service held at Christ Church in 1998.

On one of our trips aboard to Holland, following a band display in the town square, one resident came up and asked to shake Bernard Clewes hand because his Glengarry was the first he had seen since a Scottish regiment had freed his town, Veere, at the end of the war.

Our affiliation with both London Youth and Kent Youth offers us things which enhance our programme in many ways and like many Companies in London and in our Battalion, we quite unashamedly admit girls to our ranks.

It was some centenary in 2004, with a formal dinner at the Civic Centre in Bexleyheath, outings, parties, a Company Display with an old Boys Band and a company holiday at Felden Lodge and a thanksgiving service held on 31st October of course!!

After thirty seven years as Captain of the Company the reins have been handed over by Bernard Clewes to the eighth Captain, James Ede, a member of the company since 1980.

James unfortunately only ran the company for 4 years before succumbing to cancer, he left a large buoyant company who missed his good leadership. Currently the Company is jointly run by Paul, John and Andrew.  

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